hopelessly romantic.



  • It has been dark, you are curious.
  • You dont want to look at it, the light.
  • You are shy, there is a source and its coming towards you.
  • The light finally shines on you and you look at it.
  • You embrace it with all your being.
  • You wonder is this real, can this be real?
  • You start doubting it. 
  • The same light hurts you now.
  • And you finally have to turn your face away. 

This is how love has been. 

Lust is a lovely word and makes love so much more interesting.

I am very conscious of my ‘touch’ sense. I am very uncomfortable regarding physical contact with any other human being, handshakes are really awkward for me. And I just cannot sleep on the same bed with anyone else, not even my brother. 

So when I tell you that you are the only one, whose hands I want to hold, I really mean it. And when I spoon you, while we are sleeping, just know that I really really love you.